Geoid is a spatial operating system that covers our entire planet with an extended intelligent dimension.

This self-organizing network bridges our virtual and physical environments and is formed by all the people of our planet and the information and communication technologies that connect them. Geoid functions as a nervous system that mediates the data we produce and use in our daily lives, adds value to interconnectivity and cherishes spontaneous connections between people and the places and things they love.

Geoid is going live soon! Phase 1 gives you the opportunity to enter our Council of Stewards.


Imagine a world in which humanity, technology and nature are in perfect harmony.

Our dream is that all dimensions of Earth enable connections and are to be enjoyed by future generations. We envision a spatial intelligence that seamlessly integrates with our daily lives. A digital realm in which people build, share, trade, experience and interact to generate a greater shared prosperity. Geoid is the future of our planet's virtual co-existence and the beginning of Earth's timeline into the Digital Anthropocene.

Today you have a chance to be part of this incredible future!


Empower people to create a brighter future through spatial intelligence.

Geoid is an intelligent spatial operating system that augments humanity's potential to prosper and meet global priority agendas. We unlock insights that radically improve our understanding of interconnectedness and power context-aware applications that bridge the gap between digital and physical systems. Using the power of the many, we create an intrinsic awareness of our surroundings to improve them in unison.

We are excited to engage this journey together with you!



Geoid is its community.

As the future of Geoid is shaped by its users, we value openness, communication, accountability and maintain relationships of transparency. We actively convey and share our vision, mission, activities and knowledge to foster the growth of our community. The future of Geoid is shaped by its users.


Geoid thrives in synergy.

As Geoid is created to connect people, places and things, interoperability and compatibility are crucial. Geoid is built on top of a modular infrastructure that seamlessly scales to meet the needs of needs of a low-barrier-to-entry and multi-user ecosystem in which data can be transferred across spaces on devices.


Geoid is intrinsically spatial.

We live our lives through space and time. Most of our daily activities are related to the spatial dimension and so is the data we use and produce. Geoid embraces spatiality in the very core of its code and always represents and visualises data in a spatial manner.


The Geoid Whitepaper is going through the final editorial stages and will be available for download soon. Keep watch!



A sneap-peak of Geoid below - More to come!


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